We've been doing this a while.


Conscious Closets is brought to you by LASCO Installations, LLC, a Chicago based company led by Andy Luther. But it wasn't always this way, LASCO Products was founded in 1960 by Andy's grandfather Alfred.

1940's-50's - alfred learns the fundamentals of production

      Alfred gained much of his production experience from his time at Western Automatic, a division of Standard Screw, in Elyria OH. He started working there with his father after completing high school. Eventually, he was promoted to the production foreman position and was so vital to production that he was not drafted into combat during WWII. When the war was over, he started working for another manufacturing company, Elyria Manufacturing, where he remained for about 10 years.

1960 - alfred luther founds luther and sons co.


Wanting something more for his family, he left Elyria MFG and started Luther And Sons Co. and operated it until the 1990s. It was mainly a screw machine shop, much of the production was focused on wheelchair parts. In the early 90s Alfred retired, but continued to give back to the community  by volunteering regularly for his church and delivering meals for Meals on Wheels.



1990's- early 2000's allen luther operates lasco products



      Alfred turned the keys over to his son (Allen Luther) where Allen continued the same legacy. Allen ran LASCO Products until the early 2000's where competition in the manufacturing industry forced LASCO Products to close it's doors.



2006 - andy luther reopens under lasco remodeling and painting

     In 2006, LASCO Remodeling and Painting was formed on the North shore of Chicago. After 5 years in business LASCO was recruited by The Container Store to install their line of closets. With it's long history of production prowess, LASCO was able to aid in the development of what is now The Container Store's premium line of closets. By the end of 2016, LASCO was the leading installer in the nation for TCS closets. By late 2016, LASCO Installations LLC was formed and put in charge of closet installations in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit Markets.

2017 - lasco installations llc offers it's own line of closets

     LASCO Installations is proud to now be able to offer its own line of closets as "Conscious Closets", which keeps in line with the legacy Alfred Luther started over half a century ago. Alfred believed in taking care of his employees and giving back to his community, values which have been handed down to where LASCO is now, and is embodied in our promise to give back a portion of profits to different US charities every quarter. It is this approach and belief, that ethics and common sense are priority, which has allowed LASCO to stand out as a leader in service. When you purchase a Conscious Closet, you know you will have superior service from your initial measure and design all the way to a completed installation.