The bedroom.

Organization of this closet is critical to keeping a neat and tidy bedroom. Our closets optimize the space you have available, and create a place for all of your items. Whether it's hundreds of shoes, hanging items, folded items or even a built in hamper, Conscious Closets has you covered. We can optimize your small reach in closet with a few shelves and some hanging space, to that huge walk in closet complete with drawers and an island. Talk to a Closet Concierge today, they are the best at what they do and love the challenge of making spaces more livable and comfortable. 

The bathroom.

A functional bathroom closet is the key to keeping all your bathroom necessities organized. We love designing and implementing new bathroom closets because we see the change it can affect on the the room. Having a place for towels, spare toiletries, dirty laundry and other bathroom items keeps the room clean and your floor space clear.



The two places you probably spend the most time in, and that need the most organization, are the bedroom and of course the kitchen. The kitchen is where the culinary magic happens, but is only as powerful as the pantry behind it. A place to put all of your dry and canned goods, extra flatware, mixing machines, baking supplies, you name it, will make cooking and baking in your kitchen that much easier when you know exactly where they are. Talk to a Closet Concierge and make that dream pantry a reality today.



Your garage or basement may be a work space, a storage space, or maybe a little bit of both. Conscious Closets understands the need for each of these functions when it comes to garages and basements. Our solutions to these needs include our standard storage concepts you see in our other spaces, but also a collection of rugged, durable work cabinets and surfaces. The cabinets, drawers, shelves and backboards and sturdy, made of quality steel and built to last.